10-Line Football Strip Cards

While Football Squares is a load of fun, sometimes the 100 squares, or even 25 squares, is just too many spots to fill for a smaller party or office pool.

10-line football strip cards are a great alternative to football squares that follows similar rules. Each person buys a line and the winnings go to the line that has the last digit of the sum of both football team scores in the actual football game.

Football strips are perfect for a small group and adds an extra dimension of fun to the football game where each player has a chance to win the pot based on the outcome of the game.

Where Can You Get Football Strip Cards?

While you can find football strips for free on PrintYourBrackets and print them, or you can make your own, the best way to play is to buy either the “scratch off” or “peel off” pre-printed strip cards.

Both of these options come printed with random numbers that are covered. After the game, or quarter, you reveal the numbers to see who has the winning number. Since these cards are ridiculously cheap to buy (typically around $20 for a 100-pack), and it’s so much more fun to have that element of surprise, I’d recommend buying some before your next office pool or football party if you have a smaller group.

Both the scratch off and peel options work great so it really comes down to preference: do you enjoy the suspense of scratching off each line with a coin, or do want to just rip off the sticker to reveal the numbers?

Best 10-Line Football Strip Cards To Buy

While I have seen some online shops that sell football strips, the best options are on Amazon, and the shipping is fast.

scratch off 10-line football strips
Cost: $17.99 (100 scratch-off cards)
peel off 10-line football strips
Cost: $19.96 (100 peel-off cards)

scratch off 10-line football strips
Cost: $19.99 (100 scratch-off cards)

Mobile Apps

There are a few mobile phone apps that also include the option to play 10-line football strip cards. For more info on those, check out my article “Apps for Playing Football Squares On Your iPhone Or Android“.

How To Play 10-Line Football Strip Cards

After you get your hands on some 10-line strips, you’re ready to play – provided that you have a small group and a good football game on the TV.

To play 10-Line Football Strip Cards, each participant buys a line and writes their name in, until all 10 lines have been purchased. At the final score of the football game, the number next to each line is revealed. The winner is determined by adding the last numbers from each football team’s score, and the person with the last digit of that sum receives the winnings.

It’s an easy and fun game, and even better when you can do a quick reveal. It works great for each quarter, or for just the final score.

Step By Step Instructions For Playing 10-Line Football Strip Cards

  1. Find a good football game and group of friends or family to play.
  2. Buy or print your 10-Line Football Strip Cards. See above section for where to buy.
  3. Set a price for each line. The total pot of everyone’s money will be this price times 10. That’s the total winnings available.
  4. Have each player buy a line or lines until all 10 lines have been purchased. Make sure to get money from everyone and put in a pot, or envelope, or cup (doesn’t matter where as long as it’s together).
  5. For printed strips, you’ll need to enter numbers in for each line. These numbers 0-9 should be random and you can use my number randomizer to help with this. If you purchased football strips that have the numbers covered, you can skip this step.
  6. Watch some football! Will you do your 10-line after each quarter or just at the end of the game?
  7. Reveal the numbers. If you purchased football strips, you’ll either peel off the sticker or scratch off to reveal the random numbers for each line. If you printed off football strips, your numbers may already be showing.
  8. Determine the winning number. Take the last digit from each football team’s score and add them together. The winner is last digit of that total.
    For example if it was the Buccaneers with a score of 31 and the Chiefs with a score of 9, you would add the “1” from the Bucs and the “9” from the Chiefs to get a “10”. The winning number would be the last digit of that sum, so “0”.
  9. Pay out the winner. Take the money from the pot and give it to the winner!

That’s it, enjoy the football game!