How To Easily Create Your Own Football Squares

My football squares generator makes it easy to build your own custom Football Squares board on the fly, and I’d like to show you how it works and answer any questions you have.

To create your own printable football squares, follow the instructions below for a professional football grid that you can download and print from your own printer. Or, you can take the PDF to your local printer and have them professionally print your Football Squares.

All game sheets are design for standard paper size (11″ X 8.5″) and more designs are coming!

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the custom squares builder. If you aren’t there already. =)
  2. Select the design you’d like. Only the standard (branded) design is free. This free version will ALWAYS be free and you can create as many custom game sheets as you’d like. For a few bucks though, you can remove the branding or choose a premium design.
    custom football squares screenshot - theme
  3. Choose the Game Title. You can choose from “FOOTBALL SQUARES”, “SUPERBOWL SQUARES”, or enter your own (8 character max for the first and 2nd lines).
    custom football squares screenshot - title
  4. Enter the Home Team (Team 1). If you leave this blank, you’ll keep with the empty box for “TEAM 1”. Or, you can choose any of the NFL teams (each with their team logo), or enter your own team name (up to 25 characters long).
    custom football squares screenshot - team 1
  5. Enter the Away Team (Team 2). This is for the second team, on the left. Choose from a blank box, one of the NFL teams, or enter in another team name as you need to.
    custom football squares screenshot - team 2
  6. Optional: Enter your price per squares and total pot. By clicking on the checkbox, you can enter the Price Per Square and the Total Pot. The Price Per Square is how much you’re selling each square for. The Total Pot is the total amount that can be won in your football squares. You can calculate this by multiplying the Price Per Square by 100. For example, if you’re selling squares for $5 each, the total pot would be $500 (5 X 100).
    custom football squares screenshot - pricing
  7. Select your Payouts. You can choose to do payouts each quarter (4 payouts), each half (2 payouts), or by the final score (1 payout, winner takes all). Quarterly payouts are the most popular since you can have 4 possible winners and it keeps everyone more involved.
    custom football squares screenshot - payouts
  8. Download or Pay. If you chose the free design, you’ll get 2 buttons: Download PDF and Download JPG. Usually the PDF version will be the one you want. If you selected a premium design, you’ll need to run through checkout before you can download your custom football squares sheet. Please be patient when you click on the buttons since that’s when the downloadable squares are actually generated, and that’ll take a few seconds to build!

PRO TIP: If you plan on creating over 7 game sheets, you may want to sign up for my Unlimited Squares membership that allows you to create as many as you want! Keep in mind, this is still for personal use, you can’t resell these football squares designs as your own.

What’s Next?

After you’ve created your Football Squares sheet, print it off on your printer, sell each square to friends or co-workers, randomly fill in your numbers for both team scores, and then pay your winners after the game!

Football Squares Instructions

Random Number Generator for Football Squares

Custom Football Squares FAQ (AKA Questions You May Have)

Can I print these Football Squares poster size?

Currently, all sheets are design specifically for 8.5″ X 11″ sized paper, 300 dpi. After you create your custom football squares, you’ll receive a PDF that you can take to your printer. They can print on a larger size and depending on their printers and software, the graphics may be smoothed out but still won’t look as crisp. It should still look good on the smaller poster sizes of 11×17 or 12×18 but anything larger, expect it to be a lower quality.

Can I resell purchased Football Squares sheets?

No, every premium Football Square sheet generated is protected with my copyright and cannot be resold unless I am notified and we enter into a reseller agreement. You can use these generated Football Squares for your own personal use as much as you want but you cannot resell any purchased sheets or distribute them, as specified in my terms of purchase. Also note, that the branded (free) version is free of this restriction – share the free version as much as you want!

Do you have other designs to choose from?

Not yet but I will be adding some new options soon! My goal is to have a handful of customizable theme designs to choose from.

Can you create a custom design just for me?

For sure, drop me a line and tell me what you’re looking for. Depending on what you want and how long it’ll take me to create your custom football squares, the cost will range $50-$150.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! For individual purchases, I do offer refunds. I just ask that you tell me why so I can make adjustments and improvements as needed. Contact me through the form below. For subscriptions, I’ll give you a prorated refund if you wanted to cancel your annual subscription early.

What are the rules for Football Squares?

You can find full instructions on my About Football Squares page.

How do I pick random numbers for each team?

You could put 10 numbers in a hat and pick them randomly. Or, if you want to save some time, head on over to my Random Number Generator. It’s just for Football Squares and you can push the button to instantly shuffle your numbers for Football Squares.

Are Football Squares illegal?

Football squares, or boxes, are legal in most states if you’re just doing it socially with friends or co-workers. Fewer states allow it if you’re doing in online or if someone’s making money on it. Almost all states allow football squares as a charity fundraiser.

See if football squares is legal in your state and if you should be worried about it.

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