Online Football Squares

More and more these days, we work with others online and keep up with our buddies online. So it makes sense that you can play Football Squares online too!

To play Football Squares online, there are a couple of options to get into the game. You can share a spreadsheet version, either Excel or Google Sheets, or there are a couple of websites that offer a full online version Football Squares where you can host your game and share with your friends.

Before we get into these online Football Squares websites, let’s first look at the Excel and Google Sheets options – they may be what you’re looking for.

  • An Excel Template for your Football Square pool may work. You can download the Excel spreadsheet and then fill out with the names and squares of everyone playing. After the spreadsheet is ready, you’d just email it to everyone participating. This is a simple way to manage Football Squares but all the work lands on the person filling out the Excel spreadsheet – emailing everyone to find out what square(s) they want, filling it in etc. Follow this link for more info on our Spreadsheet Templates for Football Squares page.
  • The Google Sheets approach for Football Squares is much easier to work with and easier to share. I’ve created a free version that you can easily copy and share with everyone. Everyone would be able to view the Football Square pool as it’s being updated and see the winners posted in real-time. There’s still a lot of work for the game manager though since they’d have to enter in all the participants and select the squares but you could set your Google Sheet to allow for comments so your friends can claim squares. Follow this link for more info and to get the FREE Football Squares Google Sheet template.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to play online though, you may want to spend a little money for the extra convenience and create an account with one of these online Football Squares options:

  • Football Squares Sites, $19.99 per game
    Allows you to play online, upload images, and set your own rules. There are demos that you can try out for both the user and admin but purchasing is currently not working. They will probably update in time for the football season (hopefully). screenshot
  • Football Squares Online, $5 per game or $29.95/year
    You can set up your teams and game rules, email your friends directly from the game manager, generates numbers automatically, allows you to keep track of payments, and emails reminders and results.
    football squares online screenshot
  • Gridiron Games Football Squares, Free
    You can create public or private games, different game formats, and set the square price. The site is professionally designed, includes other games and NFL schedules. The public option is interesting because games will display under their pool directory so anyone can join. Overall, setting everything up and using it is easy but I’d like to see some features like quarterly payouts. This is a great way to play Football Squares though and I suspect that the price will only be free until they grow bigger.
    gridiron games football squares screenshot

With the the above three options, Football Squares Online and Gridiron Games are the best way to play online if you’re looking for a fully managed system. You can manage your players within the website, the calculations are done for you, selections are locked in, and emailing your friends is easy and automatic.

However, you would need to share everyone’s emails with these websites so that may be a concern for you. In that case, the Google Sheets template for Football Squares is the best option.