Printable Football Squares (Download And Print)

If you’re looking for Football Squares that you can download and print yourself, you’re in luck. I’ve listed the best free and paid versions here, whether you’re looking for the standard 10×10 grid or the abridged 5×5 grid.

Printable Football Squares are perfect when you need to download and print the game off quickly so you and your friends can put some fun money on the actual football game. They usually come in PDF or JPG format to easily print off on any printer.

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Football Squares makes the football game fun for everyone, ultimate gridiron fans and those along for the ride. After players buy their square or squares, the numbers (0-9) are selected for both teams randomly. Since everyone playing has an equal chance of winning for each square, each player has some skin in the game and is interested in the score, and of course, the payout. If you’re not familiar with the game mechanics, this may be a good time to brush up on how to play Football Squares.

A good printable Football Squares will be easy to print off, give you plenty of room to put in names, and look good. You don’t want to look lame in front of your friends or your office mates.

You’ll also want to pick the best format for your group. If it’s a large group, go with the standard 100-square grid. If it’s smaller, do a 25-square grid. And for more winners, do payouts for halves or quarters, instead of just the final score.

Best 10×10 Football Squares

All squares are standard letter size (8.5″ X 11″) unless otherwise noted.

football squares preview
Cost: $3 (Printable)
football squares preview - vertical version
Cost: $3 (Printable)
Cost: $4.95 (Printable)
editable football squares.
Cost: $3.75 (Editable, Printable)
football squares poster 36 x 24
Cost: $4.50 (Printable Posters 36″ X 24″ & 24″ X 18″) Purchase

Best Free Printable Football Squares

Here’s the best FREE football squares with the standard 10×10 grid (100 squares).

Blank football squares board - free
Cost: FREE (Printable)
printable 100 square football grid
Cost: FREE (Printable)

football game squares free
Cost: FREE (Printable)
football pool 11x17
Cost: FREE (Printable 11″ X 17″)

Best 5×5 Football Squares

The 25-square board is perfect for smaller groups and the rules are the same except with 2 numbers per column/row (How the 25-square board works).

football squares preview - 25 square
Cost: $3 (Printable)
printable 5x5 football squares
Cost: Free (Printable)
printable 5x5 football squares
Cost: Free (Printable)

How To Download And Print Your Football Squares

After you pick your favorite Football Grid, the next step will be to download and print.

To Download Football Squares:

  • Click on the thumbnail above.
    • Free football grids: clicking on the image will either directly download the free football squares or will take you to a separate site where you can.
    • Paid football grids: clicking on the image will take you to a product page on our site where you can purchase, or to Etsy where you can purchase the product through that marketplace.

How to Print Off Football Squares

On a Home Printer

Directions will be different depending on your computer and printer but this is the typical way to print off your Football Squares at home.

  1. Go to the folder that you downloaded the file or files to. On a Windows computer, it will usually be the Downloads folder or Desktop but it may be at a different location on your computer.
  2. Did you download a zipped file, a file that contains multiple images compressed? If so, double-click on that file to open it up to see the files within. If not, skip to the next step.
  3. Double-click on the file that you’d like to print. After it opens, you can print.
  4. For images or PDF files, you’ll see a print icon in the top menu bar. Click it. A print window should open.
  5. Select your printer, and click the Print button.
    1. If I’m printing multiple copies, I like to print 1 first to make sure it looks good first.
    2. You may want to update the page sizing (scaling) – your computer may add margins that aren’t wanted or the image may print too small with default settings.

At a Professional Printer

If you are printing off a poster-sized Football Squares or you don’t have a home printer, you can go to a Staples, Fedex, or other printer. While they can work with image files, it’s best if you have a PDF. Simply save it to a thumb drive and when you get to the printing business, you can talk to their staff to print off your Football Squares.