Free Printable Football Squares

If you’re looking for a free printable Football Squares that you can simply download and print, here’s a few options for you. Since these football grids are free, they’ll be more basic than paid football squares but may be just what you’re looking for!

For premium designs and instructions for downloading and printing, visit my main Printable Football Squares page. You can also find more in our store ranging from $3 to $4.50.

Looking for free printable Super Bowl Squares for the upcoming Super Bowl LVI instead?

Free 10×10 Football Squares

Here’s the best FREE football squares with the standard 10×10 grid (100 squares).

Blank football squares board - free
Cost: FREE (Printable)
printable 100 square football grid
Cost: FREE (Printable)

football game squares free
Cost: FREE (Printable)
football pool 11x17
Cost: FREE (Printable 11″ X 17″)

Free 5×5 Football Squares

The 25-square board is perfect for smaller groups and the rules are the same except with 2 numbers per column/row (How the 25-square board works).

printable 5x5 football squares
Cost: Free (Printable)
printable 5x5 football squares
Cost: Free (Printable)

Free Football Squares Google Template

I also created a free Google Sheets template that you can use to play online or print. Click the button below for the link and instructions.

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