Spreadsheet Templates for Football Squares

If you’re looking for an easy way to play Football Squares online with friends, you’ll want a digital template file that you can share with everyone. Fillable PDF, Excel Spreadsheet and Google Spreadsheet are common template formats for Football Squares. Before we go any further, you may want a refresher on how to play Football Squares.

At an in-person football game or at the office, you’ll usually play Football Squares on a physical paper where everyone sign up for squares and then passes around, or at a party with a poster version. With so much of what we do these days being online, a digital version may be a better format for the big game. With a fillable Football Squares board, advantages include:

  • Great for groups that aren’t all together physically
  • Perfect for sharing over email
  • Can be easier to enter players and do calculations
  • Can be edited for each football game

With fillable PDF and Excel spreadsheet formats, you can easily fill in the squares with participant names, teams, and numbers. After the info on the Football Squares is entered, you can save the file and then send via email or share online. With the Google Sheets option, everything is online so you’ll just need to make a copy of the Football Squares sheet and share with everyone.

Some fillable Football Squares can be quite involved and even do a lot of the calculations for you (the maths!). These will usually be purchasable downloads but there are some good free options as well. I’ve included the best below.

Roster and Square Counting Excel Spreadsheet, $4.50
Purchase | Instructions
Editable Excel Spreadsheet, FREE
Visit Site
Auto-calculating Excel Spreadsheet, $7.95
Editable Excel Spreadsheet, $8.00
Purchase 10×10 or 5×5
google sheets template for football squares
Editable Google Spreadsheet, FREE
(Includes player pool & number gen)
Instructions and Download

The only Google Sheets option that I can recommend is this editable version that I created that also includes random number generation. I did find others that were just an editable grid but none had any extra features or looked good – so I created my own!

Real quick, the Google Sheets Football Squares template is easily my favorite format for playing online. Since it’s powered by Google Docs, you can easily set permissions and share with your friends or office team. Or, if you need to download it to print, you can easily do that too. I’ve included a “player pool” to make adding players easier and you can even generate the random numbers for scoring.

Note: when you open the Google Sheet, it will be in “View only” mode so can’t edit. You’ll need to make your own copy (File -> Make a copy) and then you can set it edit and share as you want.